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Preparing to Install a New Gutter System for Spring?

Consider seamless gutters. Spring is a time when many people consider replacing their old gutters. Have you considered a seamless gutter system? Seamless gutters do away with unsightly seams while reducing the possibility of leaks. Seamless design helps maintain the strength and integrity of the gutter system… expansion, contraction, freezing and strong winds have little

You Can Install Metal Roofing in the Winter

Patching up a leak or replacing your roof soon? As winter months are upon us, harsh weather and changing climates can greatly affect a roof’s life span and performance. Have you considered metal roofing? In addition to low maintenance throughout the year, metal roofing provides even more benefits during the colder months. Unlike other roofing

The Impact of Wind on Your Roof

The Impact of Wind on Your Roof When the wind is wild and rain is pouring down in buckets, your Colleyville, TX home is taking a beating. Preventative maintenance is the key to the longevity of your roofing system. Understanding what is physically happening on a roof during severe weather events can help homeowners inspect

The Roof Vent Trend

The Roof Vent Trend Your roof and attic have a special relationship that is often misunderstood. When homeowners hear that their roof may not have adequate ventilation, they don’t realize that roof vents are critical to extending the overall life of their roof. With this component of your Bedford, TX home being one of the